Lois (1995) Born in The Netherlands but lived in the United States (Arizona and Montana) and France (Paris) while growing up. Currently based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

She attended the Academy of Photography in Amsterdam and completed her bachelor of arts there. During her second year of school Lois interned with photographer Robert Koene in Cape Town, South Africa. 

Besides the arts Lois is particularly interested in science and language and is currently studying the Russian language. 

With a broad interest she works for big clients like Barts and Het Stedelijk Museum but also maneuvers really well in the art scene. The projects she takes on may vary from the personal projects she starts, but they begin in the same studio with a lot of research. 


Her art characterizes itself for the three-dimensional layers of aluminum and collage way of working, protected with wooden frames she built herself. The subjects she chooses are questions, political, personal, ethical questions that really can’t or shouldn't be answered. Questions like: 'Are we shaping our brain or are we shaped by our brain?'  or  ' Is it ethical to evolve our body?' ' Would you upload your brain?' and so on...